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Facts about credits
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The concept of lending in history appeared in antiquity. All along with the money itself. Loans are issued both for consumer needs and for large companies and even countries. Some people in history have been extremely negative about lending money. In many countries in Asia and Africa, loans were found for equipment for the extraction of oil and other minerals. In the history of lending there are many interesting facts.
The word "credit" means "believe, trust."
Already in the VIII century BC in ancient Egypt, Babylon and Assyria were able to earn money as a percentage of the loan. Even then, there were special clay tablets.
The first Babylonian king, Hammuraly, during the reign of which the city reached its highest level of dawn.
In ancient Rome, bail could leave yourself. If you have not paid, then agreed on the possibility of redemption within a month. In case you did not pay, the debtor was sold into slavery credite rapide online.
An interesting fact of the origin of the word "mortgage" originated in ancient Greece. In this regard, special signs called "mortgage" (translated as "stand"). An article was written on them, in which non-repayment of debt the land passed into the possession of the creditor.
The most prominent defaulters in history were the kings of the Middle Ages. They practically could not return to them.
In the XXII century, Pope Alexander III gave all bankers an anathema. Considering that you lend money and take them a great sin. By the way, has not been canceled. Brothers borrowed money were considered a great shame.
Studies have been conducted that require more attention to speed and ease of maintenance, as well as at the interest rate level.
In the XIX century, there were organizations by type of modern bureau of credit histories. They plan to become borrowers. Apparently, then we had more time than the current creditors. In Tsarist Russia there were also such organizations, but in the 20th century.
In the Russian Empire, lenders were called moneylenders. It was necessary to give a special receipt.
Curious origin of the phrase "debt pit." Earlier in Russia, those who did not pay the debt, concluded in a kind of prison. I should have been released only after practicing my debt or paying collateral.
Lending to individuals is the most popular in the country. Only for consumer needs of Europeans allocated 166 billion. UAH. Euro per year.
Many banks are reluctant to give loans on such a list of professions: journalists, lawyers, judges, military personnel, private entrepreneurs.
In the United States, Canada, Japan and the European Union (0.25 - 4%).
Japan, Greece, Lebanon, Italy and Portugal have the largest public debts.